Sunday, 22 April 2018

Illegal bombing of Syria, fake chemical attack, Russia sanctions, World War III

This special documentary has been created with the sole purpose of warning as many people as possible and raising awareness about the Empire and its allies’ belligerent actions that are intended to escalate tensions so as to perpetuate the invasion of sovereign nations such as Syria and other countries of the region, while the main stream media and the UN stand by in silence.

What is the secret motive guiding the manipulation of this web of warfare and this attempt to hide the truth under the guise of supposedly seeking peace and stability, although all they simply create more chaos and pain the world over? Is it because they have lost the war against Syria and are now seeking revenge, reacting against Russia for the support it has offered the Syrian people?

If these terrible warmongering actions are not curtailed as quickly as possible, serious problems will result from such threats, sanctions, lies, disinformation… Should the current level of pressure and coercion continue, the end result will be catastrophic and irreversible. What new excuses will they fabricate in order to trigger the Third World War they long for?

Monday, 26 March 2018

Decline of the Zionist-Anglo-American Empire, Roman Empire, Jerusalem, Netanyahu

It is important to understand that the Zionist-kabbalists continue to generate confusion and abuse their power in order to strengthen the New World Order.  The United States' illegal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital confirms that the Zionist Anglo-American Empire governs us in a totalitarian manner, aided and abated by a silent European Union that stands by in the shadows. It takes advantage of specific dates to trigger more separation, war and religious conflict to cover up its fraud and corruption.

Why are these events taking place in and around Jerusalem, which is the Holy Land of three major religions? This area's energy field is made up of very powerful, magnetised energies and the Zionist-kabbalist Empire has always tried to be in possession of it. 

In addition, why is there so much similarity between today's Zionist-Anglo-American Empire and the decline of the Ancient Roman Empire? Throughout this documentary, it is essential for us to realise that the Empire that governs us today is a replica of the corrupt ancient Roman Empire...  It is comparable to the decline of the ancient Roman Empire in terms of vice, malice and the plethora of depravity of the worst kind, including the abuse of power, unpunished murder, rape and paedophilia, the most barbaric Satanism imaginable.

We must also consider the pervasive abuse of power that has always reigned sovereign, or the greed, cruelty, adultery and incest that often plague families… and what can be said of the horrific slavery and despotically tyrannical subjugation that took place in ancient Rome and continues to exist today in our corrupt modern era although many people remain convinced that we are living in a highly evolved era characterised by social development?

If we must endure this reality, our only alternative to keep from repeating the mistakes of the past is to strive with all our might to wake our sleeping consciousness…

Friday, 2 March 2018

Electromagnetism, Electrosensitivity, Microwaves, 5G networks, Nanotechnology

We are being secretly attacked in order to make us sick, robotocise us still further and reduce the human population. Geoengineering is causing this damage using drones and crop-sprayers loaded with toxic chemical substances such as nanorobots that enter the bloodstream causing incurable illness. It also uses nanochips that, not only make us sick, they also engender more robotisation. All of this is taking place in addition to the intrusion of expanding surveillance and the modification of our daily conduct and behaviour.

What can be said of the electromagnetic contamination that is becoming increasingly widespread with each passing day, particularly in the field of mobile technology, 5G networks and other cutting edge technologies? Are people aware of the terrible disorders they cause when used in an excessive and addictive manner?

There is no doubt that very few are aware of the damage this technology causes through the use of extremely high electromagnetic radiation that can result in tumours and increased sensitivity to the electromagnetic field, which is destroying many people's lives… It interferes with our body's normal functioning and provokes an alteration of melatonin which regulates our immune and hormonal systems, in addition to damaging our DNA which becomes irreversibly changed.

Additionally, our food is being charged by the harmful microwaves used in millions of homes, so little by little, the entire planet is being introduced into a global radioactive prison.

If we do not learn how to properly manage the huge amount of electro-negativity we receive daily, it will make us sick and stunt the development of the radiant energies we emit when practicing meditation or while experiencing a state of peace, happiness or internal serenity. This implies energetic obstruction and our vibrational field and heart centre will become debilitated and disconnected from reality. Why is the correlation between the Sun and human, terrestrial and stellar electromagnetism so fundamental?

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Disclosure of Programs, SSP, MILAB, Solar Warden, underground bases

It is crucial to be objective and use sound judgement to see the secret motive hidden behind this plethora of mysterious projects, experiments and covert programmes that the dark forces use to alter and affect nature and human beings. Are the elite behind these methods as a means to suppress us, or are alien races also aiming to dominate the planet and enslave the populace with their dark programmes, while generating more and more natural and artificially-induced disasters?

We hope for full disclosure of their interference aimed at harming humanity through the use of scalar and psychotropic weapons, ELF waves, GWEN transmitters, Hum, nanotechnology and HAARP as well as many other methods affecting the brain and behaviour of the populace… This disclosure must include their harmful GM foods and junk food, and their horrific paedophilia, Satanism, and cannibalism… as well as the other catastrophes they have brought upon us and continue to generate with impunity. We trust that everything we are discussing here and much more will be declassified so that it can be exposed to the whole world.

Similarly, global public opinion must be informed of the ties the elite have with beings from Zeta Reticuli and Draco as well as of matters regarding planet Nibiru and other dark worlds. They will also have to disclose the zero-point free energy they have hijacked, and reveal the existence of parallel worlds, multi-dimensional portals, the multiverse and a vast amount of scientific knowledge that has been kept hidden from us.

What can be said about the fact that, over the years, there has been an increase in the number of people disappearing for no apparent reason? Have many of these missing people been used for their macabre projects on genetic modification, cloning and transhumanism? Are they still alive or have they been taken to certain places that the public knows nothing about as part of a colonization programme?

Moreover, it is important to be aware of the Secret Space Program, which, together with MILAB, the Programme for Military Abductions, carries out dark covert operations. An active Earth-space conglomerate manipulates and controls everything that happens both on and off our planet…

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Paedophilia Hollywood, PizzaGate, vampirism, cannibalism, Satanism, parabiosis

The vast majority of people have not yet realised the situation we are living since it seems they are not being affected by it, but the dark powers that govern us continue with their plans to end this civilization.
And although the owners of global power want to be seen a as a group of positive humanitarian benefactors, the anti-light along with the upper social classes and influential families are creating their networks of paedophilia, in the deepest secrecy, totally hidden from the world, that is why it is very important to open our eyes to reality...
What can we say about Hollywood, the biggest propaganda machine of the elite, where it is coming to light that many of the actors have been sexually abused, raped and mistreated by their agents, producers and directors who blackmail them and turn them into toys for personal use of the depraved elite?
But not only is paedophilia being unveiled in the dark world of Hollywood but also a gigantic institutional framework within the religious clergy is being uncovered...
What can we say about the Pizzagate in which it has been discovered that many influential media personalities and even politicians are involved?
The aristocracy and all those belonging to the elite who are served with such fidelity and affection, are they also involved in the world of vice, paedophilia, vampirism and even satanic cannibalism that is increasing throughout the planet?
What about Bohemian Grove, which is where the elite and rulers hold their satanic covens and ritual sacrifices, will they continue with that horrendous black masses and witchcraft while they share their paedophile vices with each other?
Our intention is to alert all the normal people who accompany us in this documentary to take care of yourselves in this dark time of so many unbalanced, disturbed and sexual maniacs who worse still, are very well positioned in  official, corporate, political, and government positions to inflict all kinds of damages

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

5th Anniversary, Quantum leap, Mutating genetic meditation, Photons of light

The moment has arrived to make a quantum leap in our lives and achieve a transformation, modifying our destiny, as the photons of light are becoming increasingly stronger in the planet and it would be absurd not to grasp this opportunity with both hands
The vast majority have not taken seriously that they need to be cured of many harmful traumatic, phobic and egoic states... And although we are in the worst era of this decadent and corrupt civilization, and the aliens camouflaged as human beings are relentless in trying to destroy us..  our struggle for that urgent change should not stop, because the closer we get to the galactic centre we will experience more intense and renovating vibratory frequencies in our DNA... and even if we they continue to set traps to make us stumble, a mass awakening is in process and will be unstoppable.
So to counteract this antithetical force that is in opposition to the light, the solution is to use the science of Meditation, because this ancient practice makes us grow internally, helps us to achieve more lasting physical health, etc ... and is also present in our DNA, therefore to be able to achieve an authentic evolution that reaches the depths of our life and behaviour, Zen Buddhist meditation is fundamental.
The human being has the possibility of taking a quantum leap in consciousness, but only if there is peace, balance, harmony and coherence in the environments where we find ourselves, that is why we insist on the need to raise that dense vibratory frequency that many carry.
However, to achieve this, the balance between the mind and the heart is fundamental, in order to carry a deep bioenergetic stability. Only the mutating genetic meditation, which occurs between the brain and the heart, will lead us to the unified consciousness and the splendid Light of the Photon, and these synaptic, neurological and atomic interactions that surround us, will elevate our internal frequency, and even in the direction of the same galactic energy field that surrounds us.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Antarctica, secret projects, alien-Nazi bases, Ahnenerbe, Odessa and Highjump

We find ourselves in a very delicate situation, however, although these are the steps that the elite are taking to destabilise and huge division on a planetary level, on the other hand every day that passes a growing number of people begin to discover more about the various secret programmes that until now very few have been aware and which the elite have committed to disclosing... Are they seeking to create greater threats and so that these very hidden agendas remain hidden and they do not have to fulfil their commitment?
As part of these programmes are mysteries hidden in the Antarctica where artificial pyramids, freshwater lakes under the ice, deep caves with no detectable bottom have been found. This is a huge land mass that under the ice corresponds to an ancient map of the Turkish admiral Piris Reis.
Could it be that in Antarctica there was a very advanced civilization of terrestrial origin or maybe it extraterrestrial as many claim? Could it be that there really exists a warm zone inside and this has been used to create alien bases?
And what is the relationship between these secret bases and the programmes created by the Nazis during the Second World War, like Operation Paperclip or the Odessa Network with the collaboration of the Vatican and Pope Pius XII, who gave the order to silence everything related to extraterrestrial contact, which was already prevalent at that time?
The aim of Nazism was not only to establish itself in South America, but also to establish the bases in Antarctica, along with the creation of an even more secret and mysterious project called Ahnenerbe, and thus with the occultist societies Thule and Vril, to contact those who were supposedly their Aryan gods.
Could it be that they really managed to contact and communicate with what they supposed to be their Aryan gods or was it with aliens that gave them sophisticated technology for the creation of ships, as well as other objects such as Thor’s hammer and the bell to open portals and the power to teleport?