Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Trump and Zionist elite, cause of World Wars, fall of Russian Tsar, Mexican Rev

We would like to take this opportunity to reveal certain facts about a series of schemes, collusion and horrible conspiracies that have changed the course of modern history and we must continue to bear their disastrous consequences today.

For this reason, it is very important to be well-informed and the only way to achieve this is to learn true history, and not what they have told us or sagaciously adapted to hide their abuse of power. They have prepared many new things that are in store for us this year, 2017. Will 2017 be the year to determine humanity’s destiny?

It is very clear that a rather complicated year is in store for us, and even more so now, considering the Cabinet the new US President has formed... Has he been selected by the elitocracy to follow the line of ultra-conservative racism? Or is all of this somehow related to Brexit and the United Kingdom leaving the European Union?

Is a government with totalitarian Nazi-Fascist undertones ultimately in store for us and will they try and collapse the world’s economy, just like they did in the 1920s, with the Great Depression that left millions of people rough on the streets?

In our view, something very serious is approaching and they may take advantage of the year 2017, as it coincides with the 100th anniversary of the fall of the Tsarist Empire and with events that occurred in the Nineteenth century when the elitist Empire sought to trigger wars and interfere with sovereign counties, so that many things changed to their own benefit…Were the British imperialist elite and their allies already preparing for their First World War at that time...

Monday, 23 January 2017

Secret programmes, Montauk, BlueBird, Mannequin, DARPA, Cern, Stargate

Now more than ever, we are in an era of complete uncertainty and we are unsure of the next move that will be taken against this suffering humanity by those still ruling our planet, and we are totally unaware of this absurd dehumanising deceitfulness, as a result of the disinformation fed to us by the media
The sole objective is to robotise human beings in order to make them easier to control. What can be said about HAARP, ELF waves, GWEN transmitters, chemtrails, fracking, scalar waves, sonic explosions and psychotronic weapons that for several years have been seriously affecting the behaviour and relationships of a large part of the population?

There are incredibly destructive programmes, experiments and projects like MK Ultra, Monarch, Blue Bird, Human Brain and Mannequin that have been used against servicemen and women as well as celebrities, young people who are very easy to control hypnotically…They can be used to manipulate the masses and even world leaders and it is practically impossible to be aware of this programming or the experiments carried out.
these macabre dehumanising projects aimed at mind control and espionage, like Red Echelon, the Phoenix Programme, CERN, World of Warcraft and Second Life all have the purpose that we lose our identity and the few values we have left, as well as our limited freedoms and rights, our freedom of expression and our free will…
Do the people know that they are being subtly manipulated at the whim of both the visible government and the dark unacknowledged invisible government?

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Berlin attack, Chapecoense plane crash, anti-Russia conspiracy, Red Army Choir

We find ourselves at the end of a race that has concluded and following clear guidelines is the only way that many will acquire the knowledge to be able to conduct themselves with intelligence in order to stop being part of the disinformation, omission, negligence and responsible for the complete failure of their lives.

More than ever, we find ourselves in a delicate situation that is dangerously escalating throughout the entire planet with provocations that are instigated in a desperate manner by the imperialistic elite in order to subject us to continuous stress and fear… as was the case with the Berlin terror attack, supposedly by another lone wolf… It is extremely strange that its details are very similar to other cases, like the attack in Nice… or the huge attack on New York’s Twin Towers when a passport belonging to one of the supposed fanatics strangely appeared completely intact amidst the massive ruins.

To achieve their nefarious dark objectives, they are currently resorting to politicising and damaging sport, as in the case of Russia, moving the World Championships from Sochi and applying more sanctions or expelling Russian diplomats from the US for no reason at all, in addition to attacking the Russian Embassy in the Syrian city of Damascus... They have also killed the president’s chauffeur and launched a cowardly attack against the Russian ambassador to Turkey who was fatally shot in the back, etc.

Is the reality, that they are continuing to exert pressure in an attempt to take Russia to the point where its patience runs out, while the majority of people in the world are still unaware of this huge conspiratorial game... Has the time come to open our psyche to the truth?

In addition to this situation, what is happening with the many mysterious plane crashes that have inexplicably been on the rise again lately? May they have been provoked or are they simply normal accidents?

Monday, 5 December 2016

4th anniversary, health & diet on glands & vital energy, neurotoxins, fluoride

Part of this necessity to try to press forward in these difficult, problem-filled times… includes striving to become a bit more tranquil, balanced and happy... if we all fight for the decoding of our DNA and to move towards photonic-stellar luminescence, united together we will be able to achieve the unimaginable…
A message we would like to convey in this documentary that marks our fourth anniversary is that, in addition to it being necessary to take care of our human, emotional and psychological relationships, it is also essential to look after our physical health, paying attention to the food we eat and all that our body needs. A healthy diet is fundamental, but since we are in a totally sedated state and robotised, they take advantage of us by feeding us vast amounts of junk food and giving us so-called medicines full of chemicals and toxins which do us harm.
Thus, how can we live a better life if multinational companies inject the things we consume with inhibitors that alter our health? Are we aware that many of them are full of hormones, heavy metals, insecticides and pesticides... that affect the brain and limit our ability to manage emotional responses, as well as causing behavioural problems, attention deficit disorders, memory loss, depression and despondency?
And if we also consider that our intellectual capacities are being reduced by all the poisons they subject us to through GM foods, chemtrails, terrible ELF waves and GWEN transmitters… they are silently destroying our lives.
We would be very happy if those accompanying us knew how to take care of themselves physically and think in terms of values and moral, ethical and spiritual principles as this would provide the crucial stability we have been promoting since the release of our first documentaries... so that we can build a better, healthier life on all levels.
In this new documentary, we mention the 224 countries and territories across the planet’s five continents that Alcyon Pleiades has been able to reach... for us, the most important thing is that it reaches the greatest number of people who wish for self-improvement because this yearning motivates us to search for the truth and to hope for a better, more just world.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Donald Trump, strategy of the elite, society in shock, NWO, economic collapse

Every day that passes, it becomes clearer to see the serious nature of the sociological, governmental and political situation that is causing the global panorama to change in such unexpected ways. It is essential that we be alert because these are the ways the global power and its vassals are increasing their conspiracy against humanity, in this case by instigating social unrest…
The vast majority, although they are beginning to suspect that so much fraud and deception is taking place worldwide, many still trust politicians without realising that behind them in the darkest shadows, are those who really govern us and this can undoubtedly be seen in the results of the recent US presidential elections which has set the stage for other governments who are waiting, to obediently follow the same process
Very soon, it will not be long before many things that have been promised will be directly confirmed with this surprising appointment of the new president Donald Trump ... What will be the response to the endless social instability and unrest, that now even includes various celebrities? Will this be a good excuse for establishing the NWO that they have been seeking for so long as it is only a question of time before we start seeing violent and unpredictable reactions? Will the new government begin strategic changes as panic hits the global economies allowing them to implement their new world currency?
Did Trump really fight for the presidency alone or was his winning an elite decision, are his xenophobic and racist attitudes and insults part of an intentional plan created from the shadows to take another step forward?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Time changing from 16 to 24 hours, Schumann Resonance, Fractal universe

We are currently living a moments of a high risk of global war... on the one hand the photonic energy has greatly increased as a result of the approach of the Earth to the Galactic Centre and this is creating great benefits as well as a great acceleration in the mutation of the DNA of many people. But are we preparing ourselves for a real change or do we continue to believe that nothing is happening as the Earth and Solar System are undergoing a full transformation, continuously influenced by high frequency cosmic electromagnetic particles?
On the other hand, incredibly, the time before our eyes is being inconceivable reduced...
Likewise, all without exception we are subjected to a continuous spatial-temporal change, something intangible and invisible but that subjects us to be faster...
Why do days now seem to be only 16 hours long?
Have we realised that the time is shrinking or disappearing, circularly folding in on itself leaving only an empty space?
Can we cope with this modification to space-time, which with each passing day will inevitably accelerate as humanity and the planet is entering a more subtle-ethereal stellar field or will our egos, and cruelties be more and more prevalent everywhere, due to our inability to know how to transform photonic energies for the good of raising the level of our DNA?

Monday, 3 October 2016

Clinton-Trump, health problems cover-up, USA-Russia, Racism, EU crisis

We have to understand that we are at the end of this race and the only thing that governments seek is to carry out orders and lead us into conflicts, crises, wars, social divisions... Can we not see how they manipulate us by making us believe an infinite number of electoral promises, or by failing to reach political agreements or repeating elections, or postponing elections for a third time? Might they be preparing a great move in efforts to impose their NWO upon us and, they hope to make it coincide with elections in the USA?

Will they continue threatening Russia any way they can with the sole ambition of creating the armed conflict they need so much? Various countries are beginning to see this and they are trying to avoid this global confrontation, because if that were not the case, the Islamic State would have already invaded the majority of Europe, including Spain, Italy and France…

But, in addition to this situation, what is going on with the two candidates running for the presidency of the most powerful country on the planet? What can we say about the woman, who will possibly be the first female President of the United States? Does she have full use of her physical and psychological faculties in order to govern this great nation, if her destructive program includes wanting to wage a Third World War as soon as possible?

Why are they putting a double in her place? Or might it be a synthetic robot, as she herself has declared… and what can be said about the other candidate, the irrational showman Donald Trump? Could it be that people are becoming increasingly aware of this large-scale electoral fraud, or what is it they want to hide?